About Us

Iran’s Bearing Network is a familiar and meaningful name which is represented by its strong mission. This network has been constructed by some of the most prominent and famous bearing merchants in the nation. With decades of experience in importing and distributing bearings in Iran, the network founders have built a powerful infrastructure, accessible by every company and/or individual who needs bearings.

Today, Bearingnet.ir has the most complete online databank of bearings in Iran with cost efficient price listings. It is hoped that this network can provide a positive and productive step forward for developing Iran’s industry. 

Iran’s Bearing Network Mission:
In recent years, with the entrance of fake brands in to the worldwide market, there has been a growing demand for having access to reliable sources of bearing. Therefore, considering this demand, Iran’s Bearing Network aims to make it possible for costumers to have access to original high quality goods with competitive prices.

Bearingnet.ir users can evaluate and compare bearings from different brands to make the best choice for their purchase. By presenting a variety of the most trusted brands, this network aims to offer high quality goods and services to the customers.